Wallop was a series of robots that entered Series 2 and Returns of Wild Robots. Both were low squares with a green paintjob and rotating spikes. Wallop 2 had axe heads for its weapon but these were replaced with spiked clubs for Wallop 3. In both series it competed, it came up against the reigning champion defending its title. After a bad performance in Series 2, it made a big improvement in Returns, making it to the heat final, also managing to beat then-champion High Flyer.

Series 2Edit

Wallop 2, a new robot to the competition, had a bad draw in the first round of Heat C against the reigning champion Speed Bump and previous first round drop outs Atomic and Razer. Wallop 2 attempted to get its weapon spinning but was not able to as it was being clamped by Razer. Wallop 2 struggled to escape as Razer dug deep into its armour. Speed Bump then came in and flipped Wallop 2 but was not able to turn it over. Wallop 2 was shunted in to the corner sawblade by Razer, the resulting impact breaking off part of Wallop 2's weapon. Wallop 2 retreated into the opposite corner, but was again trapped by Razer. With no way out, Wallop 2 was destroyed by Razer, eliminating it from the competition. Razer continued its destruction by destroying Speed Bump in the same corner, leaving it resting on top of Wallop 2, dethroning the champion.


Wallop 3, the new and improved version, came back for Returns. It was still a low square with its signature green paintjob (albeit with different designs) and the axe heads were replaced with spiked clubs. Wallop 3 had another bad draw in Heat D, against reigning champions High Flyer 2 and newcomer England Twister. It looked to be all over for Wallop 3 straight away, as it charged into High Flyer 2 and was flipped over. However controversally, a havoc explosion flipped Wallop 3 the right way again. Wallop 3 charged into High Flyer 2 and was flipped again, this time landing the right way up. Wallop 3 took the chance to spin its weapon up and attack the exposed rear end of High Flyer 2. After some pushing and creating damage, Wallop 3 pushed High Flyer 2 into the fast-spinning England Twister, the force ripping off High Flyer 2's tyre.