This article is to show some robots that were intended for Wild Robots Series 3 but weren't used.

Red Flipper RobotEdit

The first unused robot was a flipper bot painted red. From the video, it's name could have been "Red Barron", but there is no real way to be sure. In its only appearance, this flipper was seen fighting Pressure.

Updated Spooky!Edit

In another shot in the video, there is what appears to be an updated Spooky!, with wheel guards and a longer chassis, fighting High Flyer.

Green Wedge botEdit

There was also a wedge bot painted green in this video, painted green. From one of WhamettNuht's robot packs, we have confirmed that this bot is an early version of the WRR champion Envy.

Shell Spinner BotEdit

There was a black shell spinner bot with some blades fighting Uber Chuzzle in the video too. From the shot, it's name appears to be "Drummer Chuzzle" but there is no way to be sure. In one shot, the bot rips one of Uber Chuzzle's wheels and sends it flying!

Featherweight botsEdit

"Small Torque", a pink bot with two front wedges

A red bot with a flipper, it looks like a shield

A bot with big tires, with a wedge

A smaller Panic Attack

"The Yankee", a bot with cow spots and an overhead thwacking arm

"Emergency", a small box with uneven wheels

"Invasion", a wedge bot with 4 wheels, similar to Whirlpool

Psycho CowEdit

There was also a new bot in the Psycho team, aong with Psycho-Pig and Psycho-Turtle. It had a small jabbing spike.

Another Shell SpinnerEdit

Another shell spinner was seen against Psycho Cow, this one with black spikes.

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