Spooky! As seen in Wild Robots Returns.

Spooky! was a wedge-shaped robot with a flipper with a spider painted on. It competed in a Sumo Match in Wild Robots Series 2 and lost in the first round of Wild Robots Returns.

Wild Robots Series 2Edit

In Spooky!'s Sumo Match, it was pitted against Supernova. Spooky got under Supernova and flipped it twice, almost knocking Supernova off the sumo platform. Spooky then flipped Supernova again and got hit by Supernova's disc. Spooky then flipped Super

Spooky!, as seen in Wild Robots Series 2.

nova countless times before Supernova was finally flipped off the platform.

Wild Robots ReturnsEdit

For Wild Robots Returns, Spooky! came back with an all-new paint job, thicker armour and a better flipper. In Spooky!'s only fight in WRR, it was up against Crasher and Cyclone. Spooky! moved out of its corner and flipped Cyclone over, immobilizing it. Spooky! then was pushed by Crasher, and Spooky finally flipped Crasher. Crasher was not flipped over however and pinned Spooky against a wall. Spooky tried to free itself by firing its flipper, but the flipper was torn off and Spooky was whacked out of the arena. Spooky was stuck on its back, therefore it couldn't make it back to the arena in time.