Speed Ramp From Wild Robots Series 2.

Speed Ramp was a wedge shaped robot with a front-hinged flipper. It competed in Wild Robots Series 2 and Returns, and placed fourth in Series 2.

Series 2Edit

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Wild Robots ReturnsEdit

Speed Ramp came back for Wild Robots Returns as Speed Ramp 2, with a different paint job and better flipper. In its first match, Speed Ramp 2 went up against Poker Face and ASBO.

Speed Ramp 2 from Wild Robots Returns.

At the start of the match, Speed Ramp got under ASBO and flipped it to the arena wall. It then flipped Poker Face, and then flipped both ASBO and Poker Face after some pushing. Speed Ramp flipped both ASBO and Poker Face onto their sides, and Poker Face rammed Speed Ramp. Speed Ramp flipped ASBO onto its back and then flipped itself, so it selfrighted, but out of the arena.
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