Speed Bump was a dual wedge shaped robot with two flippers in the front and a circular saw in the rear. It competed in Wild Robots Series 1 and 2. Although it won the Series 1 championship, it lost in the first round of Series 2, then was let back in only to lose again.

Wild Robots Series 1Edit

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Wild Robots Series 2Edit

Speed Bump was up against Razer, Wallop 2 and Atomic in Fight 1. After a bit of pushing, Speed Bump got under Atomic and flipped him three times, the last flip landing Atomic onto Razer. Speed Bump then flipped Wallop 2 and flipped Atomic again twice. Atomic then got under Speed Bump and flipped it, then clamped Speed bump with its flippers. Speed Bump flipped it again, and Atomic landed on the arena side wall and bounced off, which got it stuck on its side. Razer than charged Speed Bump and pinned it between the arena side wall and the KO'ed Wallop 2 after losing a wheel to the arena saw. Speed Bump was counted out at this point. Speed Bump was let back into the semifinals after Whamettnuht found himself short a semifinalist and so brought back the reigning champion. Speed Bump was now up against High Flyer, the third seed. Speed Bump was flipped by High Flyer, then Speed Bump did some damage with his saw, but not much. Speed Bump then was pushed into the arena side wall, where it did a little more damage to High Flyer. After some pushing, High Flyer flipped out Speed Ramp, ending the reigning champion's reign.

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