Psycho-Cow was the supposed third robot of the Psycho-Animals team after Psycho-Pig and Psycho-Turtle. It is possible that it was due to compete in Series 3 of Wild Robots, however the series never saw the light of day due to WhamettNuht's computer messing up. Instead Wild Robots Returns was the next series of Wild Robots but, like many others, Psycho-Cow didn't compete in this series, thus making its only appearance in a small teaser trailer.

History Edit

Psycho-Cow appeared in a clip of an exhibition match showcasing the then upcoming House Robot, Abaddon. Also seen was Heavy Metal Rock, another alumni robot. In the clip, Psycho-Cow appears to have a spike on a burst piston and a flipping tail as its weapons, evident when attacking Heavy Metal Rock. Abaddon shunts it from behind, to which Psycho-Cow appears to respond, but instead attacks Heavy Metal Rock again. Abaddon again attacks Psycho-Cow from the side, this time however, Psycho-Cow tries to use its spike to create damage on Abaddon. Abaddon drives away quickly, with Psycho-Cow giving chase, only to run into Heavy Metal Rock instead and resume their tussle. Abaddon gets a quick shunt in on Psycho-Cow, now showing visible damage. Psycho-Cow's spike breaks off after hitting Heavy Metal Rock. Finally, Psycho-Cow is once again seen giving chase to Abaddon before the clip ends, thus marking Psycho-Cow's only appearance in Wild Robots