Pancake flip

Pancake Toss was a flat, square-shaped rbot with sloped sides, made to resemble a pancake. It had a small flipper on the front, but did not do well in its only series of Wild Robots, Series 2.

Wild Robots Series 2Edit

Pancake Toss fought Wild Thing, Bulldog Breed and S3 in Round 1. Pancake Toss sped out of its corner and charged Wild Thing 2, and the resulting impact with Wild Thing's blade ripped Pancake Toss' flipper off. Then S3 ran into Pancake Toss and started to grind it up with its disc. Pancake Toss ried to flip it with the remains of its arm but it couldn't. Then it drove across the arena, slamming into all 3 other bots before crashing into a wall. Pancake toss then backed up and rammed into Bulldog Breed and S3. After pushing everyone around for a bit, he tried to flip S3 again, and got flipped out by Bulldog Breed.