Over We Go was a long rectangle shaped robot armed with a flipper that appeared in Series 2 of Wild Robots. Despite having a decent draw, it was eliminated fairly quickly its only battle after failing to use its flipper. 

Series 2Edit

Over We Go competed in the opening battle of Heat A. It was drawn against Terrorhurtz and Wheely Big Cheese, both first round drop outs in the previus series and fellow newcomer Genecide. In the battle, Over We Go went for Terrorhurtz and sustained damage when it was attacked by Terrorhurtz' axe. Over We Go then lingered around for a bit while Wheely Big Cheese tossed Terrorhurtz into the air. Genecide then attacked Over We Go from the side and attempted to throw it out of the arena but Over We Go balanced on the wall and fell back into the arena. Genecide then pushed Over We Go and caused it to fall onto its back while Wheely Big Cheese tossed Terrorhurtz out of the arena. Over We Go struggled to self-right and Wheely Big Cheese took advantage, got undernearth Over We Go and flipped it. Over We Go balanced on the wall once more but wasn't so lucky this time round as it fell out of the arena to join Terrorhurtz, thus Over We Go was eliminated from the competition.