MegaByte Evolution

Megabyte Evolution

Megabyte Evolution is a black robot with a conical spinning shell with multiple teeth and a large pole on top to aid self-righting. It competed in wild Robots Returns, losing its fight

Wild Robots ReturnsEdit

Megabyte Evoultion fought Thor and Tilly 2 Evo in its fight. Megabyte Evolution started spinning up but was flipped by Tilly. Megabyte spin up fully and tore into the side of Thor, doing moderate damage. Megabyte hit Tilly before it shot in out of nowhere, slamming into Thor and spinning it out of the arena. Megabyte hit both Tilly and Thor before being flipped by Tilly. Tilly then pushed Megabyte around the arena before Megabyte was pinned in a corner. Eventually it self-righted and tried to spin up, but Tilly clamped it with its flipper. Tilly kept flipping Megabyte around until eventually Megabyte got free and spun up again, hitting Tilly and doing lost of damage before time ran out and the judges declared Tilly the winner.