Kishar was a Featherweight robot with a small spinning disc, similar to Chuzzle. It made it to the semifinals in Wild Robots Series 2, its only series.

Wild Robots Series 2Edit

Kishar was up against Red, Hannabalito 1, and Whirlpool in Round 1. Kishar rammed into Red, who tried to flip it, but then Hannabalito came in and flipped Kishar, leaving Red upside down. Then Kishar whipped around and hit all 3 competitors with his spinning disc, but it did little damage. Then he started spinning. He kept spinning, damaging Whirlpool and Hannabalito. It kept spinning until Hannabalito glitched out of the arena, then span some more.Then Red came over and flipped Kishar again. After dealing little damage to Red and Whirlpool, and then Red gltched out. At the end of the match, Kishar kept grinding away at Whirlpool until Whirlpool was finally KO'ed.

In the Semi-Finals, Kishar fought DragonStrike, Reigning champs Chuzzle, and Scorpion Evo, all with deadly spinners of their own. As the match begins, Kishar fights Chuzzle and Scorpion, and takes damage from both. After dealing damage to Scorpion Evo, Kishar got turned around and was being shoved by Scorpion. Then he collided with DragonStrike weapon-first, ripping one of DS's teeth off. Kishar dealt some damage to all 3 of the other bots until a collision with Scorpion Evo caused Kishar to glitch out of the arena.