Dantomkia in Series 1.

Dantomkia was a yellow box-shaped robot with two pointed wedges sticking out. It was armed with a flipping arm. It attained little success in Wild Robots, losing in round 2 of series 1 and Round 1 of series 2.

Series 1Edit

Dantomkia fought in the very first Round 1 match against Tornado. Tornado charged it and Dantomkia flipped the rammer over. Tornado then got around to Dantomkia's side and pushed it into a wall. Tornado backed up for another charge and Dantomkia turned to face it, and Tornado charged up the wedge and out of the arena. This was the first OOtA in Wild Robots history. In Round 2, Dantomkia fought Supernova. Dantomkia charged Supernova and got underneath it, pushing it into an arena saw. Dantomkia had Supernova up against the wall when it flipped, and Supernova's spinner hit the arena wall and sent it flying. Supernova was rammed by Dantomkia, and then Dantomkia started flipping Supernova around. Supernova's disc hit the floor and it lost one of its teeth, causing it to become unstable. Dantomkia pushed Supernova around, but time ran out and a judge's decision declared Supernova the winner on damage.

Series 2Edit

Dantomkia fought in Heat D of the second series, fighting Panic Attack, Lightning and Thor in Round 1. Dantomkia dtayed out of the action for the first few seconds while the other three robots collided. Dantomkia then joined the fray, flipping around both Lightning and Panic Attack while Thor was counted out. Lightning flipped Dantomkia, and it tried to self-right but got stuck on its side and counted out.