Caronite was a yellow box wedge robot with three axe weapons, one in the front and two on the sides. It also had a rear roll bar in case it was flipped. It did poorly in its heat of Wild Robots Returns, losing in round 1.

Wild Robots ReturnsEdit

Caronite was paired against Iron Awe 6 and Nebula in its first round matchup. Caronite managed to drive under Nebula, hitting it with its axe before it was flipped and then righted by Nebula.It then hit Nebula twice more, not doing much damage but the second hit helped Iron Awe to flip Nebula. Caronite got flipped by Iron Awe, before hitting it with its axe and being flipped twice, once by Iron Awe and once by Nebula. Nebula then flipped Caronite again and an attempt to hit Nebula caused Caronite to tip onto its back. Caronite got off its back and hit Nebula's top, propping itself on top of Nebula before Nebula flipped out of the arena. Caronite managed to re-enter the arena and was hit by the arena wall before being flipped by Nebula, then flipping itself in the self-righting process. Caronite self-reighted before hitting Nebula, then getting tossed into the air by Iron Awe twice. Caronite hit Iron Awe with its axe before a flip from Iron awe caused Caronite to spaz out. However Caronite landed safely and the match continued with Iron Awe flipping Caronite around some more. Caronite and Iron Awe exchange more blows with Nebula getting a few flips in as well. Caronite then hit Nebula twice, the second hit breaking the front axe head off. Caronite hit Nebula with what was left of the axe and it flipped Nebula over Iron Awe. More hits were exchanged and Iron Awe made Caronite do a barrel roll. A glitch with Caronite caused Iron Awe to be tossed out of the arena but he made it back in. More blows were exchanged before the match ended and a judge decision declared Nebula to be the winner.


Caronite's bottom panel says "If srimechs are not available then please kill me"