Aftershock was a robot that competed in Series 2 of Wild Robots. It was a low, square shaped robot with a lawnmower blade as its main weapon, a front wedge and a spike on either side. Its record was average winning and losing once each. After making an impressive debut, it met its match in Round 2 against the veteran Bulldog Breed. It came back as Crasher in Wild Robots Returns, performing just the same.

Series 2 Edit

Aftershock competed in the final heat of Series 2, against former heat drop-outs Hypno-Disc and Hydra, and fellow newcomers, Psycho-Turtle, the second robot from the Psycho-Animals team. Aftershock dominated the whole fight, quickly zooming into the middle of the arena, where it was double teamed by Hydra and Hypno-Disc. Breaking free, Aftershock slammed Hypno Disc from the side, flipping it over. Aftershock then caused damage to Hydra. Hypno-Disc then rode over Hydra towards the wall, Aftershock took advantage of the sluggish Hypno-Disc, and charged full speed into the rear end of Hypno-Disc, knocking it out of the arena. Immediently afterwards, Aftershock caused damage to Psycho-Turtle, pushing it into the wall. Speeding away, it attacked Hydra from the side, flipping it towards the wall and causing it to land on its rear. As Hydra struggled to right itself, Aftershock damaged Psycho-Turtle, almost managing to destroy it. Hydra was then almost counted out when Aftershock attacked it again, Hydra landed back on its wheels, but was unable to escape the count and was eliminated. Aftershock then finished Psycho-Turtle off, but the 2 went through regardless.

Now establishing itself as the fan favourite, Aftershock went into Round 2 against Bulldog Breed, a previous heat drop-out. Here, Aftershock lingered too long as Bulldog Breed slowly approached it. Bulldog Breed then simply flipped Aftershock out of the arena, eliminating it relatively early on.